Sinbad Crafts and Plants just “happened” into being in 1975.  Cindy Evans and her husband were based in south Florida in the wintertime on his commercial shrimp trawler.  She became interested in the native Florida “air-plants”, and started experimenting with mounting them on driftwood and in shells.  She entered an Arts and Crafts show, using shells caught on the shrimp boat in macramé hangers with air-plants in the shells, and a lifelong career was born!

Soon she and her husband began searching for unusual driftwood to mount the plants on, and found suppliers for the air-plants in Central and South American Tillandsia farms.

The Arts and Crafts shows and Festivals expanded into Flower Shows, and also into the wholesale end of the business.  Cindy’s husband passed away in 1989.  They had been distributing and selling Venus Fly-Traps for another company for about 15 years, but now she has expanded with her partner Joe Wood into the Fly-Trap Farm, , growing and selling their own Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews and butterworts.

Sinbad Crafts and Plants and the Fly-Trap Farm now ship all over the USA to a variety of shops:  beach souvenir shops, theme park gift shops, tourist attraction gift shops, museums, conservatories, botanical gardens, aquariums, nursery and garden centers, hardware stores, grocery stores, zoos, and gift shops.  They have a reputation for shipping high-quality plant material, and for doing what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.